20 Kindness Activities for Fathers Day Balance Me Happy

20 Kindness Activities For Father’s Day

This blog post is a little early coming, but it is always good to be prepared for these types of events 😊

Father’s Day is a time of the year when we are reminded of the importance of the dads/guardians/uncles/grandpas in our lives. Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it's an opportunity for us to show our appreciation for them.

Many dads would love to have a fun activity and/or gift from their children that captures their attention.

This article provides some ideas for different kindness acts kids can do for their dads to make this special day memorable.

20 Kindness Activities Kids Can Do For Father's Day

20 Kindness Activities Kids Can Do For Their Fathers Balance Me Happy

1.Plan a Day Trip

Plan a day trip where your Dad would love to visit. This could be a new place or somewhere that you have been before and that Dad really enjoyed.

2.Take Him Out For Dinner

Take Dad out to a place where you think he would enjoy the most. This doesn’t have to be far or expensive. If Dad just likes fish and chips, maybe grab some and sit on the beach to watch the sun go down.

3.Cook Him Breakfast In Bed

Every Dad has a favourite breakfast. Some like Weet-bix, some like porridge, and some like eggs and bacon. Whatever your Dad loves he will love it even better when you make it!

4.Buy Him A Gift He'll Love

Before looking to buy your Dad a gift, observe what he likes and what he needs.

5.Make Him Dinner

Everyone loves it when dinner is cooked for them. Suss out what is his favourite dinner and google to find the recipe.

6.Take Him Golfing or Fishing

Your Day may love golf or fishing or maybe neither. Find out what your Dad loves and take him!

7.Give Him A Massage Or Spa Day

Your Dad may never have had a massage before. You can google to find out how to give a good back massage and give your Dad a relaxing spa day!

8.Give Him A Mani-Pedi Or Facial

Another relaxing treat could be giving your Dad a mani-pedi or a facial. Again your Dad may not have had this experience before, but research how to do this and he will enjoy every minute with you.

9.Send Flowers and/or Balloons To His Workplace or Office

Send flowers and/or balloons to your Dad’s workplace or office. You could also buy or pick flowers and deliver them yourself with a special note.

10.Spend Time With Dad Doing Something He Loves

You most likely know what your Dad loves to do, but if not start observing your Dad’s loves and plan something for this Father’s day.

11.Make Him A Sandwich And Give It To Him When He Comes Home From Work

Everyone loves someone else making your food. Dads are always hungry when they come home from work. Make him his favourite sandwich.

12. Give Your Dad Some New Socks.

If you are at a loss for gift ideas, socks are a great option. Mum’s are always finding only one of a pair of socks. Having spare and available socks to wear is a great gift for Dads.

13. Send Dad A Letter Telling Him How Much You Love Him.

Letters are a great way to tell someone you love them. You can either make or buy a letter and write a special note telling your Dad just how much you love him.

14. Make your Dad A Surprise!

Surprises are a fantastic idea for a special day like Father’s Day. You could pretend you forgot and then prepare a surprise for him. Discuss with other members of the family and make it a family surprise.

15. Print Out Pictures Of You and Your Dad And Put Them In A Scrapbook

Memories are a fantastic idea for a present. It is a great way to look back on special moments as we all get older.

16. Paint A Picture Of Your Dad

A painting of your Dad would be another great present that won’t cost a lot of money. These are the gifts we look back on when we get older, they are the most special presents a Dad could receive.

17. Give Him A Family Portrait With All Of His Kids And Grandkids In It

Organise a family portrait of the family. This is another memory gift that Dad will look back on as we all get older.

18. Get Him Tickets For An Exciting Sporting Event Or Concert He Would Love To Attend With You

Your Dad might have a favourite sport or singer. Do your research and see what your Dad enjoys and if there are any special events coming up.

19. Wash Dad's Car

Everyone loves a clean car. Ask someone, if you cannot drive, to drive Dad’s car out, fill up a bucket of soapy water and give your Dad’s car a wash and polish.

20. Take Dad For A Walk

Walks are when you can really talk about things that matter. You can walk around the block, in the bush, or along the beach. You don’t even have to talk, walking together is a great way to bond and spend time with the people you love.


Father’s Day means different things for all of us. Above are 20 suggestions of kind activities kids can do for their fathers, Guardians, Uncles, Grandpa, or the main male role model in their lives. If you are still struggling with a gift, I have added a FREE Father’s Day coupon for you to print out and give out. You will be surprised what your Dad adds to this coupon!
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