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4 Steps to Unleash the Real You

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Our culture is all about creating a safe and easy life, we may not like challenging ourselves.

Unfortunately, this leaves us with a lot of hidden potential still locked up inside us. Each and every one of us, including our children, have the potential to do great things. However, this potential often lies untapped. Unleashing who you really are will get you the success you so desire, opening up your life to new and exciting experiences.

If you have ever felt that you are capable of so much more than the life you are living now, here are some ideas to help unleash the real you. These steps can also apply to your children to help them also reach for the stars!

4 Steps To Unleash The Real You

Step 1: Choose to Pursue Personal Growth.

You,  yourself must make a conscious decision to change and grow in order to move forward. In a study from 2008 Personal growth was concluded to be related to well-being. Another study from 2010 found personal growth in their subjects had significant positive impacts on their happiness.

So, I would suggest when you have time don’t sit down and watch dramas, start reading books and blogs about what you are interested in, attend seminars with like-minded individuals, or talk to people who inspire you. Find a Mentor to help, they are everywhere, you only have to look.

Step 2: Set Concrete Goals

Goal setting is not just for adults, but for Children also. Goal Setting is often linked to self-confidence, motivation, and autonomy (Locke & Lathan, 2006). Make a list of goals for improving your quality of life, both short-term and long-term. Maybe it’s to get fit, start your own business or pass that exam. The key is to be really specific about exactly what these goals are. Visualize the outcome to motivate you to work towards achieving them.

Step 3: Action Cures Fear

Very often, we can conquer fear by simply acknowledging it then taking constructive action to overcome it. Take baby steps at first, building evidence to show your mind that you are more and can do more than you think. Affirmations are a great life tool to encourage you to take action towards your goals. Now that you have set your goals, brainstorm for ways to accomplish these goals. A good place to start is to seek the advice of people who have already done what you’d like to do.

Step 4: Keep Track of Your Success

We all need reminders that we are good enough. Failures can crush your confidence, leaving us unable to go on but a list of your successes will help remind you what you have achieved so far. All your accomplishments, whether big or small, should be recorded, even something as small as completing all the tasks in your to-do list.

Keep growing, set goals, move forward and Unleash the Real You.


Nothing is worse than regretting what you could have done or been. To become what you want takes discipline, hard work, and positivity but it is so so worth it! I hope the steps above helps you reach your goals and become the person you were meant to be 🙂

If you found this post helpful, please share it with a loved one. There is also a goal planner on my free printables page for you to start planning and reaching your goals.

Balance Me Happy Wellness Program

Have fun in your self-healing journey!

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