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My name is Jodi and I am a Kinesiologist and Reiki Healer in Melbourne Australia. Through my Healing and Healing Products, I specialise in releasing negative emotions, hormone imbalance, and natural allergy elimination. As a mum I have also researched, written and practiced a lot related to good parenting and helping to nurture and raise healthy children.

5 Reasons Why Decluttering Can Bring Peace to Mind and Home

How cluttered is your house?

I know for my house it goes in waves..especially with children big and small leaving things in random spots..😊

A way for you to find peace and serenity in your life can be by decluttering your home. This can be done in a variety of ways.

One way you could declutter your home is to just throw out everything that doesn’t have an immediate use. There are other methods, though. You could also organise your possessions in a way that makes sense for you and the space itself, or you could bring in new items that have more value or purpose than the old ones.

By decluttering your house, you can bring peace to your mind and home, but there are also so many other benefits you may not be aware of.

In this article, we will explain the importance of a decluttering plan, help kids to understand the purpose, and 5 Benefits of decluttering your home.

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5 Reasons Why Decluttering Can Bring Peace to Mind and Home Balance Me Happy

What Does "Declutter" Mean?

Decluttering is a process of removing any unnecessary items from your home. The goal is to make it easier to clean and organise.

The most common items that people declutter are clothes, books, CDs, DVDs, furniture, food, knick-knacks, and decorations.

Some people also declutter their physical environment by tossing out old papers or throwing away unused items.

    Importance Of Starting a Plan to Declutter

    Clutter is a problem that affects many people. It can be anything from old clothes to piles of paper on your desk.

    It is important to start with a plan before you start decluttering. You need to know what you want and what you don't want. It's also important to know where the clutter is coming from and how it will affect your life if it stays there.

    The first step in decluttering is to identify what needs to be done, then prioritise the tasks, and finally, get started!

      Helping Your Kids to Understand the Process

      Children's clutter is a common problem for many parents. It is not easy to get rid of the clutter and it can be even more difficult to teach your children about the process. There are a few ways that you can help your kids understand the process of decluttering. One way is by making them their own storage system. Another way is to give them their own space in which they can store their items without having to worry about cluttering up other spaces in the house. Below are some products I use to help my children keep their items.

        5 Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

        1. It Can Help You Focus On What Matters

        As a result, decluttering can be helpful because it can help you focus on what matters.

        It’s common for our personal routines to get thrown off when we have too many things vying for our attention. This is where the practical benefits of decluttering come into play.

        Decluttering is like an emergency room for your mind and home. You should take it seriously because it helps you find peace and serenity inside your own space.

        As a result, it can help you refocus on what matters most in life and get rid of the clutter that doesn’t serve any purpose other than occupying your living space.

        2. It Can Increase Your Mood

        In order to declutter, you have to have a specific purpose in mind. If you are simply trying to get rid of things without any direction or plan, then you won’t be able to make progress.

        However, if you are focusing on a single space or aspect of your living area, you can minimize stress and find peace. Studies show that reducing the amount of clutter in your home can increase your mood.

        3. It Can Improve Your Health and Coordination

        A lot of people will agree that they don’t have the time to declutter their living space, or they just can’t seem to find equilibrium in their lives. However, if you are able to make some time for yourself, there are some great improvements that can come from this process.

        1) Decluttering your home can improve your mental health if you’re constantly surrounded by all sorts of clutter, it can be difficult to find a sense of peace within your home. With less clutter around you, it becomes easier to find balance and serenity within your life. It makes it easier for you to get more things done and finally feel productive.

        2) Decluttering your home can improve your physical health. When you declutter your home, you put less strain on your body as well as your mind. You spend less time and energy on activities that don't require much effort because they're not necessary anymore. This allows you to focus more on healthy habits such as exercise and meditation rather than other unhealthy forms of escapism such as watching TV all day or playing video games for hours at a time.

        4. You'll Be Happier with Less Clutter Around You

        While it might be difficult to get used to living with less, the benefits of doing so are worth the struggle.

        When you have less clutter around you, your mind feels calmer and more peaceful. You’ll also be able to focus on things that actually matter in your life, such as spending time with family and friends or engaging in activities that bring you joy. This is because when you live in a state of simplicity, there are fewer distractions interfering with your thoughts and actions.

        When you don’t have an abundance of items around you to take up space and consume your attention, it frees up the mental space needed for better concentration. When your home is free from clutter, it becomes easier to maintain a sense of order that can help produce a more stress-free environment.

        5. It Will Be Easier To Clean Next Time

        Decluttering is not just about getting rid of the clutter. It is also about making it easier to clean up the next time there's a mess.

        Decluttering is an easy way to make your home or office more functional and organized. When you declutter, your home will become more organised and easier to clean. You will also have less junk that is cluttering up your space.
        It will help you save time for things you really want to do when there is less clutter to clean up.


        Struggling with a messy home and mind? Decluttering can provide you with peace of mind, increased focus and improve your mood and health. You’ll also find yourself happier with less clutter around you. If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter around you, take a deep breath and start decluttering!