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5 Surprising Benefits of Gratitude

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A lot of people have heard that adopting an attitude of gratitude can transform their lives for the better but don’t believe that this is true. They are not prepared to make the change to a gratitude-based life because they don’t see the rewards for doing this as being worthwhile.

In this article, we will discuss the major benefits of gratitude and hope that this will convert you to developing an attitude of gratitude. I hope that you will see that these benefits are truly life-changing and that making the transition to gratitude is totally worth it.

5 Benefits-of-Gratitude-balance me happy

What Is Gratitude?

Gratitude is defined as an acknowledgment of the goodness in one's life. It can be seen as a form of appreciation, which involves recognizing and appreciating what one has in one’s life. It is an emotion that has been shown to have a variety of benefits. Being or/and showing gratitude can help people feel more connected to others, be more generous and even sleep better.

The word gratitude comes from the French word "gratitude" which means "thankfulness." This feeling of thankfulness or appreciation is often accompanied by a desire to give something back in return for what one has received.

The history of gratitude practices dates back to ancient civilizations such as Ancient Greece and Rome who used it to show respect for their gods. Other cultures also have their own rituals that involve gratitude, such as Native Americans who would offer thanksgiving prayers before meals.

1. Gratitude Makes You Happier

Nobody can be happy 24 hours a day but when you have an attitude of gratitude you will be happier a lot more than if you don’t have one. How does this work? When you appreciate the things that you have in your life you will remove yourself from the “wanting” spiral. In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.

Each time that you think about things in your life to be grateful for, and express your gratitude, then you will feel happy. You can do this several times a day there are no limits. Contrast this to someone who is constantly craving new things in their life. They are not going to be happy very often.

2.Gratitude Will Help You Become An Optimist

Gratitude has been scientifically proven to make people more optimistic. It helps people to see the good in the world and their place in it. When we are grateful, we are more likely to share our blessings and be kinder to others. We also have a better sense of self-worth and less anxiety about the future.

Optimism is a great thing. It transforms your thinking from negative to positive. It gives you hope for the future and you will love the transformation. When you are a pessimist all you see is doom and gloom. You are scared of the future and what it will bring. Your life is controlled by events that happen around you rather than by you.

This does not mean that you just blindly accept everything. What it does mean is that you are able to see opportunities all around you and that you have the confidence that your future is looking bright. If you had anxiety about your future before then optimism will help significantly with this.

3.Problems Will Not Overwhelm You

Gratitude is a powerful tool. It can help us to not become overwhelmed by the problems in our lives. It can also help us to find solutions to these problems. The key is to first identify what we are grateful for, then we can see the bigger picture of our lives and see that there are many things that we have in our life that are good, even if there are also some bad things. This will allow us to be less overwhelmed by all of the bad things because we will be able to see the good things more clearly.

We all have to face problems in our lives and overcome them. For some people, even the smallest problems can overwhelm them. For others, the really big problems stress them out and they become very anxious. Most people have a very negative attitude towards problems that they face in their lives.

With an attitude of gratitude, you will be able to see the good in everything. You will see problems as an opportunity for you to grow. For the larger problems, it is a chance for you to learn and do things that you haven’t before. You accept that problems are a part of life and you believe that they will help you to grow as a person.

4.Physical Benefits Of Gratitude

Gratitude has been shown to have wide-ranging effects on individuals’ physical health, mental well-being, and relationships. A lot of research studies have shown that people that have an attitude of gratitude strengthen their immune system which leads to all other kinds of physical health benefits. With a stronger immune system you will be able to fight off sickness and have the energy to keep going when others have to stop.

It can also help people cope with stress, trauma, and adversity. When people are grateful for what they have, they are less likely to feel negative emotions like envy or regret. They are more likely to feel happy and content in their lives.

Research has shown that gratitude can be effective in lowering blood pressure, improving immune system functioning, reducing depression symptoms and anxiety levels, increasing

5.Mental Benefits Of Gratitude

Gratitude has been linked to a variety of mental health benefits. Research shows that gratitude can help people with depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. It can also help people with PTSD, addiction, and chronic pain. Gratitude can also improve sleep quality and increase optimism.

With an attitude of gratitude, you will prevent stress and if it does happen then you will deal with it a lot easier. Because expressing gratitude makes you happy it will release hormones that will brighten your mood as well. A Study from 2010 concluded that there was a relation between gratitude and an overall sense of wellbeing.  


It is important to remember that gratitude is a skill. It can be learned and practiced. We should not take our blessings for granted and instead be grateful for what we have. Gratitude is something that can be practiced daily, even if it is just for five minutes. It doesn't have to be anything major like an expensive gift or a new car. It can be as simple as acknowledging the effort someone put into something you appreciate or thanking them for their help with a task you were struggling with.

A simple way for adults and children to start practicing gratitude is to keep a journal of what they are thankful for. They can write down three things that they are grateful for each day, which helps them build a habit of being grateful.

Balance Me Happy has a building collection of gratitude journals waiting for you.

The following books will help you explore the power of gratitude in your life:

- “Gratitude Works!: A 21-Day Program for Creating Emotional Well-Being, Abundance, and Inner Peace” by John F. Demartini

- “The Power of Gratitude: A 21-Day Program for Creating Emotional Wellbeing and a More Fulfilling Life” by John F. Demartini

Balance Me Happy Wellness Program

Have fun in your self-healing journey!

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