5 Ways From Stress To Happiness

5 Ways From Stress To Happiness

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Grrrr, you know those times?

The times you just want to scream, throw your toys out of the cot, and walk away…

Unfortunately for us adults, we are not able to do this, we need to show our kids we can bounce back and reassure them that they can too….

It sooo isn’t easy at times but this post will give you 5 ways to help you go from stress to happiness in no time at all...

5 Ways From Stress To Happiness

What Is Stress?

Before we go into the 5 steps I just want to go over what is stress. Stress is a normal part of life, but it can also be bad for your health. Stress can affect your sleep, work, relationships, and more.

The term “stress” can refer to a wide range of physical and mental health effects. When we experience stress, our body responds by releasing hormones like adrenaline. This response prepares us for danger or any other challenge ahead.

Stress can be caused by physical or emotional factors, and it is important to understand what might be causing your own stress levels so you can manage them better.

It can lead to an increased production of cortisol, which can lead to hormonal imbalance, weight gain, and many other health problems.

We often don't know how to deal with stress in our lives because we don't want to feel the negative emotions it brings.

But there are many ways to manage the stress that can make us feel better and live healthier lives.

    5 Ways From Stress To Happiness

    1. Mindfulness Meditation

    I have mentioned this one in many of my posts, to be honest, I just love it! Mindfulness meditation is a practice that involves slow and deep breathing, being aware of your thoughts and feelings, and practicing being present in the moment. It can be useful for stress management because it can help you to be more mindful of the present moment and take control of your thoughts.

    There are many different ways to practice mindfulness meditation. One way is to focus on the breath and count your breaths from 1-10. Once you reach 10, start counting again from 1. Another way is to focus on an object in front of you (a candle or a plant) or listen to sounds around you (like birds chirping). The most important thing is that you are mindful when meditating so that it becomes a habit.

      2. Yoga & Other Physical Activity

      Yoga is a form of physical activity that has been practiced for centuries. It is considered to be a form of exercise, but it is also used to help people manage stress. Yoga can be done in groups or individually and can be done at home or in a studio.

      There are many different yoga poses that can help with stress management. One pose that is used for stress relief is the downward dog pose. This pose helps people feel more grounded and relaxed because it stretches their body from head to toe, which releases tension in the muscles. The cat-cow pose also helps with stress relief because it stretches the spine and opens up the chest cavity, which allows for more oxygen flow and lessens feelings of being stressed out.

      Other physical activities can also be fantastic for managing stress. There is the gym lifting weights, gym classes or HIIT workouts. You can also run, as long as the heart rate is up this can help manage stress. I personally walk the dog and do HIIT workouts in our garage. It doesn't need to be fancy, fit it in whenever you can and you will feel the difference.

        3. Eat Better - The Power of Food Our Emotions & Moods

        Many people use food to manage their emotions, but this can lead to an emotional eating disorder.
        An Emotional Eating Disorder is a mental health condition that may affect up to 15% of the population. Those who are diagnosed with an Emotional Eating Disorder often turn to food for comfort when they experience difficult emotions or stress.

        Eating disorders and emotional eating have been linked to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, which makes it even more important to seek help. The most effective treatment for an Emotional Eating Disorder is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which helps patients explore the connection between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

        4. Speaking to a Professional

        There are many professionals out there that can assist in listening and providing different ways to manage your stress. It depends on what resonates with you. As a  kinesiologist, I use many different techniques to help management stress including an awesome technique called Emotional Freedom Tapping. This can be done anywhere and anytime and it can be one of the closest techniques to reprogramming your mind. Also by using muscle checking we can identify possibly where the stress stems from and use methods to help release the negative unhelpful emotions.

        5. Nurturing Your Senses-Going Into Nature

        Nature is one of the best stress relievers. It is a great way to de-stress and relax. People who spend time in nature have lower levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. It also helps improve self-esteem and moods.

        Nature can also improve physical health by boosting immunity and lowering blood pressure.

        The human body has an innate ability to regulate its own levels of stress hormones in response to its surroundings. When we are surrounded by nature, there is a reduction in cortisol (the hormone that regulates our fight or flight response) and an increase in oxytocin (the hormone that regulates feelings of bonding).


        Life is all about balance. You need to find the right balance between work and play, between your physical and mental health, and between your relationships and your work.

        With children and modern-day life, it is super hard! But for us to enjoy life and be happier it is definitely worth looking at ways to help lower that stress 😊

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        Have fun in your self-healing journey!

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