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5 Ways to Instill a Love of Learning in Kids

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Can you remember how you felt being at school? Maybe you loved it? Maybe you didn’t?

I remember when I was at school, I really was not interested. All I wanted to do was be outside, be anywhere but in the classroom learning. At the time I didn’t see the point. I look and see what my kids are learning and doing at school and think, that is awesome.

As humans we always learn better when we are interested and motivated to do so. Kids learn best when they are motivated by curiosity, discovery, and a sense of autonomy.

There is a lot of debate about what's the best way to teach kids to be curious and love learning. Some argue that it's not important, while others disagree and say that it is essential in order to develop their brain.

Although there are many ways to cultivate a love for learning, some of them are more effective than others.

In todays post we cover why I think it is important to instill a love of learning in kids and 5 ways to cultivate that love.

How to instill love of learning in Kids

What Is The Importance Of Teaching Children To Love Learning? 

Education is the key to success. It is important for children to be taught to love learning and it is equally important for parents and teachers to teach them the importance of education. Children need to be taught that learning can be fun, and they should also be taught that they are not just consuming information, but that they are creating it. When children learn this concept, they will want to learn more about a subject and will seek out new information on their own. The importance of teaching children about education cannot be overlooked because it has a direct impact on how successful people will become in their lives.

  • It teaches children the importance of learning and preparing for the future that lies ahead
  • It gives children an opportunity to explore their interests and be creative
  • It cultivates a love of knowledge, which will in turn create success.

    What are the Benefits Of Children Loving To Learn?

    Children with a love for learning are less likely to be bored, have difficulty concentrating, and feel overwhelmed in school.

    Teaching children to love learning is a crucial part of the education system. It helps them to develop their skills and knowledge in an efficient way. The benefits of teaching children to love learning can be:

    - Developing their skills and knowledge in an efficient way.

     - Making sure that they come out of school with the right skillsets for the workforce.

    - Helping them discover their passion for learning and develop an interest in lifelong learning.

    The benefits of instilling a love of learning in young children are not just academic. It can also help build stronger relationships and better self-esteem. Studies have shown that children who are encouraged to learn at an early age tend to be more successful academically, but they also have better relationships with others and better self-esteem.

    5 Ways To Instill A Love Of Learning In Kids

    1. Make Education Fun

    Children thrive more when they are engaged with the subject at hand. While not all children respond well to one style of teaching over another, we can try to put a spin on it so that it appears more interesting and engaging.

    2. Find Out What Interests Them

    Children will typically have specific hobbies and traits that they find much more interesting than others. If you can get an idea for this by asking questions or observing their behaviour when they pursue one interest over another, then you're halfway there!

    3. Apply These Principles Outside The Classroom

    Once you've found something your child is interested in, try applying these principles outside the classroom through inventive ways such as games or crafts.

    4. Use Technology To Your Advantage

    Technology can be a powerful tool in the hands of educators and parents alike. From games such as Minecraft to apps like Hour of Code, there are countless ways to use digital media in the classroom or at home to get children interested in what they're learning.

    5. Set Goals and Milestones

    Create a personal learning plan for your child and have them work towards their goals. When children are given goals and milestones, they can be more motivated than ever to accomplish these goals.

    How Can We Parents Start Now?

    We are likely already doing these, but here are 3 things we can do now to instill a love of learning:

    • Read with your child- this can be books or articles on the internet. My daughter has developed an interest in the moon cycle (random but cool) she looked on Youtube and learnt when the next solar eclipse would be. Whatever gets them interested right 😊

    • Play games with your child- Games are a great way to teach kids about different subjects. They can be used as a tool to teach kids about the world and its many wonders. Games are also a great way to make learning fun for children. This is because they can learn new things in an engaging and interactive way.

    • Encourage exploration and curiosity- Children are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them. There are many ways to encourage children's curiosity and exploration. One way is through hands-on, interactive learning. The museums, aquariums and zoo’s are fantastic to show your kids different things and get them curious about the world around them.


      There are so many benefits to instilling a love of learning especially when your kids are young. As the world has become more and more digital, it is so much easier to learn about nearly anything you want. You could even get them to plan your next holiday, somewhere you have never been before! Be sure to check out my Free Printables page where there are Printable Calendars and Weekly Schedules for your Kids to start planning their next learning adventure.


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