My name is Jodi and I am a mother of a girl and a boy (8 years and 12 years). When my son was young I took him to little athletics. Once he heard the gun go off he took off, out the gate...We went to see a Kinesiologist a friend recommended and after 3 sessions we saw a difference. My son could handle louder noises, he could manage his emotions better and he was less anxious. I fell in love with what Kinesiology could do hence starting my new adventure.

Balance Me Happy is still in its baby stages morphing into something far from what I thought it would be. I love creating and providing motivational educational resources to help kids and combining that with my healing and essential oil knowledge. I want to help Parents and Children to Succeed at whatever they choose to do! To start your self-healing journal please download a copy of the essential oils relaxation book below.

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