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Best 6 Pre Workout Essential Oils

This is why I love Essential Oils, they can be used in so many parts of our lives, including working out. The Best Essential oils to use before a workout are warming in nature and can be extremely useful for the body. For example, an essential oil with warming properties can be used during your warm-up by giving muscles and limbs a loose, flexible feeling. Using warming essential oils when preparing to exercise can help you feel more limber and ready for your workout. They can also be motivating and prepare not just your body but also your mind. Here are 6 of the Top Essential Oils to use before a workout:

#1 Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black Pepper Balance Me Happy
Black Pepper Essential oils have been used for centuries. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It also supports a healthy metabolism. Black Pepper Essential Oil is great to use before a workout because it has “antispasmodic properties and gives relief from spasms, muscle pulls, cramps and convulsions.”

#2 Cassia Essential Oil

cassia Balance Me Happy
Cassia Essential Oil has a warming smell very similar to Cinnamon. Can be used to create a warming massage before and after a difficult workout. This beautiful smelling Oil assists in improving Circulation, creating a feeling of warmth in the body, alleviating pain, and can reduce inflammation. Top this off with it is known to be an effective antidepressant that can help anxiety and stress.

#3 Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Cinnamon Balance Me Happy
Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is very similar to Cassia, where it is a mood enhancer and assists in depression, anxiety, and better sleep. Dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil or another Carrier Oil and create a warming massage for cold, achy joints.

#4 Clove Essential Oil

clove balance Me happy
You may use cloves in your curries, but Clove Essential Oil also has many health benefits before and after a workout. This amazing oil helps maintain a healthy immune system, promotes healthy blood circulation, and has been known to calm tense muscles.

#5 Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense Balance Me Happy
Frankincense Essential Oil has always been a favorite of mine, it just has so many beneficial qualities…Use this great essential oil before and after a workout or really anytime!  With carrier oil like Almond or Coconut massage into the hands and feet for a warming and soothing effect. This is a great oil to restore or warm up sore muscles.

#6 Wintergreen Essential Oil

Wintergreen balance me happy
Wintergreen essential oil will be a great oil to spray onto your workout mat. The scent of Wintergreen essential oil has a sweet, minty smell of evergreens and helps mask unpleasant smalls. Along with its clean aroma, diffusing Wintergreen oil will help promote an uplifting and stimulating effect on the senses. Massage into hands, back, and legs for a warming and soothing sensation after exercise
I found a 2020 Study that stated exercises or received aromatherapy were more positive than for those who did not receive any treatment. The essential oils induced positive feelings during exercise reduced fatigue and improved the participant's feelings. With these results from a survey, why wouldn’t you give it a try?  I encourage you to give them a go next time you are working out you may find yourself a new addiction!

Have fun in your self-healing journey!

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