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How To Make A Bucket List For Kids

Have you ever sat down with your kids and created a bucket list of things they want to do before they grow up?

I have been thinking about this recently because my son is soon to be 13 and my daughter coming up to 9. I was offered to take part in a Venturers caving expedition. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go, but when my kids heard about it they both said they wanted to go caving…I had no idea that was something they wanted to do. They are both getting older I started thinking about other things they might want to do, hence I arrived with the idea of a kid's bucket list.

I thought it would be great to help them set some childhood and maybe some life goals. I know that they are growing up quickly, and I want them both to be able to look back on their childhood with fond memories.

Bucket lists are a great way for children (or adults) to plan their future. They can be used not only for personal goals but also as a tool for teaching kids about the world and helping them explore it with family and on their own.

What Is A Kids Bucket List?

Kids Bucket List Balance Me Happy

A bucket list is a list of things that one wishes to accomplish before one dies. A bucket list can be made for adults, but it is also made for kids. This blog is about a bucket list for kids before they grow up to be adults. The idea of the bucket list is that it teaches kids to set goals and achieve them. Setting goals and then achieving them is a great skill to have in later life. As I get distracted by shiny objects, I would definitely love my kids to achieve the goals they set rather than continually being side-tracked (like I do) achieving these goals can also provide self-confidence and increase self-esteem.

Another benefit of a kid's bucket list is to help kids learn to prioritise what they want to do and have something to look forward to in the future. It can also provide some sense of hope and meaning in life, which is important for mental health. If you have a bucket list, it can provide some sense of purpose in your life. Having a list of things to do and seeing how far you've come means that you can now see the end goal and continue to make progress towards it. This can help maintain motivation in the face of difficulties or setbacks. It also gives people the chance to celebrate milestones like achieving a goal, completing a bucket list item, or achieving something that feels like an accomplishment.

How To Fill Up Their Bucket List With Exciting Goals And Dream Experiences

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If you have a child, you want to make sure that their life is as amazing as possible. One way to do this is by filling up their bucket list with exciting goals and dream experiences. It's not always easy to figure out what should go on your child's bucket list. Here are some tips for making it easier:

- Ask them what they want to do in the future

- Talk about some of their favourite movies or books and ask them if they would like to do something similar in the future

- Find out what they are passionate about and find an activity that matches that passion

- Ask them what they want to do in the future

- Check out your local library, community centre, recreation centre, or sports leagues and ask if they offer any classes you could take together

A few examples of things that might go on your child's bucket list include: going to an amusement park (Wet n Wild or DreamWorld) and visiting their favourite theme park such as Movie World. Visit Canberra or see crocodiles in Northern Territory.

More Awesome Bucket List Ideas

Some more ideas for a bucket list could be:

1- Visit all states and territories of Australia

2- Swim with dolphins

3- Feed a crocodile

4- Go on a ghost tour

5- Try Caving

6- Go Horse-riding

7-  Jump out of a plane

8- Catch a fish

9- Snorkel on the great barrier reef

10- Visit another country


A bucket list for kids can be a great way to spend time and have fun. A bucket list can also help kids set goals and can help them to prioritise what they want to do before they grow up. This list could also help them with their motivation because they know that they are working towards something specific. I think this could also be a great way for you to tick some off your list also. I would highly suggest giving it a go and making some special moments to look back on!

Have fun in your self-healing journey!

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