Aromatherapy Tree of Life Necklace


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This beautiful stainless steel locket necklace is specially designed for you to add Essential Oils to enjoy throughout the day. This necklace is especially useful if you have an important meeting or experiencing anxiety.  This necklace can help in any challenging situation, just add the appropriate essential oil ie Ylang Ylang. This can also be a perfect gift for a friend or your child !

To add the Essential Oil open the locket, put the provided felt pad in, add the essential oil approximately 2-3 drops and close the locket.

This stainless steel necklace  is approximately 80 cm long.

Locket is approximately 34 mm wide.

2 random different felt pads will be provided with each bracelet.

note: essential oils is not included with this item please feel free to view 100% pure essential oils on this website.

Out of Stock
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