The power of a gratitude Journal for kids

The Power of the Gratitude Journal: For Kids

Imagine there was a way to help build your child’s self-esteem, boost confidence, and build more positivity. Help your child be happier and help them figure out these weird feelings we call emotions?

I bet you are sighing with relief! There is a way!

We all know how much of a difference gratitude can make in our lives. It has been proven that people who keep a gratitude journal are more optimistic and happier than those who don't.

Gratitude journals are a way to practice positive thinking, and they have been shown to have many psychological benefits.

The benefits of gratitude journals include:

-Improved emotional health

-Improved social support

-Improved sleep quality

-Lower levels of stress and anxiety.

This blog will show you how the power of a simple gratitude journal for kids could change your kids life forever.

What Is A Gratitude Journal?

What is a gratitude journal Balance Me Happy

A gratitude journal is a place where children can write down the things, they are grateful for in their lives. It is an important tool to teach children to be grateful for what they have and that there are always good things happening in their lives.

A gratitude journal is a private, personal space where kids can list what they're grateful for and why. It's not just a list of things they like, but also includes the challenges and hardships that they've overcome as well as the people who've helped them along the way.

Gratitude Journals are daily journals that you can write in to express your gratitude for something that happened to you that day. It is a great way to start your day because it will make you feel happier and more grateful for the things in your life.

Every night before bed, take some time out of your day to write down 3-5 things you are grateful for from the day. This could be anything from just being alive and breathing, having a roof over your head, or even just having a family member who loves you unconditionally.

The Psychology Behind Gratitude Journals

Psychology behind gratitude journals Balance Me Happy

Gratitude journals are a mindfulness practice that can be used to improve one’s mental health.

The psychology behind gratitude journals is the attention restoration theory was developed by professors Rachel Kaplan, Ph.D., and Stephen Kaplan, Ph.D. of the University of Michigan in the 1980s.. This theory is based on the idea that there are two types of attention: directed and undirected. Directed attention is when we focus on work or something else in our lives, while undirected attention is when we let our minds wander.

Studies have shown that people who partake in gratitude journals experience an increase in their level of happiness and decrease in their depression levels. Gratitude journals have been found to be most effective for people who have had a long day at work or school and need to relax their minds from all the tasks they completed throughout the day.

The Benefits of Teaching Your Child Gratitude

benefits of teaching gratitude Balance Me Happy

Gratitude is a powerful emotion, and it can help children in many ways. It can help them to be more grateful for the things they have, it can make them more generous, and it can also help them to be more patient. There is evidence that it improves your mood, can help with depression and can make you more optimistic. It also has been shown to increase happiness, improve sleep quality, and reduce stress. A study from 2020 indicates there is a link between gratitude and happiness not only in Adults and teens but even children of 5 years.

We need to teach our kids that feeling happy is a choice and that they can choose to feel happy and learn ways to help them feel happy and a gratitude journal can be one of those ways.

How To Start A Gratitude Journal with Kids

How to start a gratitude journal Balance Me Happy

A gratitude journal can be an amazing way to start your own journal with your kids. It is a way for you to teach them the importance of being grateful for what they have and who they are.

What you should do first is find a journal that you would like to use with your child. You could use a blank book or one of these pre-made journals that are made especially for kids. If you want, you could even make your own gratitude journal by using paper and some markers or crayons.

The next step is to look around the house and find things that your child might be grateful for. It could be something as simple as their socks or their favourite toy. The key is to find something small, but important enough so that it will make them feel happy when they write it down in the journal and/or read it at other times.

Gratitude Journal Prompts for Kids

gratitude journal Prompts for kids balance me happy

Each day, your child will write down three to five things they are grateful for. This can be anything from their favourite toy to the food they ate for lunch, to the person who helped them with their homework. The goal is to teach children about the power of gratitude and how it can change their lives.

1) What was one thing you did today that made you feel proud?

2) What did someone do today that made you feel happy?

3) What did someone do today that made you feel loved?

4) What was one thing you were really excited about today?

5) What was one thing you learned today that made you feel happy?

6) What did someone do today that made you feel excited?

7) What was one thing you learned today that made you feel proud?


Gratitude journals are a simple way to practice gratitude and happiness. They are also an excellent way to improve your mood and start the day with a positive attitude. It is important for kids to write in journals because it helps them to be more creative and they can express themselves better. Our Kids need to learn that being thankful can make you feel better about yourself. A gratitude journal is a great way for them to do that.

We have a growing list of gratitude journals in our Balance Me Happy shop. Also below is a one-page FREE example of a gratitude journal that you can download and print out as many times as you like. Experiment and see how it can benefit your kid's lives and yours!

Have fun in your self-healing journey!

Gratitude Journal Template balance me happy

Introducing the Gratitude Journal! A fun, interactive way for kids to learn to be grateful. Doing so will lead to increased positivity, self-confidence and self-esteem. This journal is perfect for any child looking to reduce negative emotions and foster a more positive mindset. Whether it's after school or bedtime we can all use a little more gratitude in our lives.

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